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Our team hand picks the most experienced, specialized, and well trained workers our sources have to offer. We have thousands of pre-screened and reviewed workers with a variety of specializations ready for processing

Personal Evaluation:We ensure that we recruit trusted, capable, motivated candidates.

Work Qualification:Our three step verification checks length of tenure, diversity of positions, and job specialization.

Medical Clearance:Candidates go through an International Labor Organization (ILO) compliant health exam.

Skills Verification:We review active certificates, work abilities, and offer sponsored re-certification.



We help identify your needs, and offer the best options available to full fill your specific job and industry requirements. Our services assist both experienced and first time hirers of foreign workers.

Welcome Call: Every inquiry gets an introductory phone call to understand the process.

Service Guidance: We'll discuss what we can offer to address your unique problems.

Legal Aid: Lawyers will help determine what permits, licenses and applications you need for your project.

Plan Creation: Receive an outline and quote of your personal action plan.



Acquiring foreign workers will require the proper licensing and federal approval, once passed, we can apply for the H2B visas for each of your desired workers. We simplify the entire process and help you with each step.

Compliance: Companies must meet certain criteria to be able to apply for seasonal foreign workers.

Foreign License: We can help increase the likelihood of you approval, and obtain your license.

H2B Visas: 90% of our workers have previously been approved, making processing much less complicated.

Interview: Foreign workers are scheduled with their local consulate to finalize approval.



Clients are seeking workers with specialized skills. Our workers are certified and have an average of 10 years experience. Additionally we offer continued training, and educative resources to supply job ready workers.

Skills Check: We test all workers to make sure they meet requirements and satisfy our client's expectations.

Re-certification: Experienced candidates with work history, but outdated paperwork are processed to renew their certifications.

Requested Specialist: We offer client's the service of having workers trained for a specified field to work a job.

Continued Training: Sponsored certification programs are offered to workers who want to develop and refine their skills.



Industry veteran Doctors administer standardized testing, physicals, and heavy metal panels to clear workers and determine risk factors. We assure that our workers are capable to work in the conditions of the projects they get sent assigned to.

Medical Clearance: Candidates go through International Labor Organization (ILO) compliant health exams.

Physical Exam: Every worker must pass a physical in order to proceed and enter into our medical system.

Panel Testing: We run heavy metals tests to determine the environments workers are capable of working in.

Risk Factor: Our transparent grading system gives clients confidence of the health and liability of new workers.



Implementation of operations, lodging, and end to end transport can be managed by our international team. With the help of partners, local agents, and facilities we can ensure the lowest rates. We'll create an itinerary to facilitate workers to the exchange location.

Transportation: Custom itineraries to facilitate workers to exchange points.

Housing: Employers are responsible for providing living options for workers, we find you the best choices.

Payroll: We process the contract distribution, so that you don't have to.

Dispute Resolution: We assist employers in the resolve and return of workers, if issues may arise.

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Each client's needs are unique. That's why our prices are quoted on a per project basis, contact us to get a precise estimate.

Hiring ;Reimagined

Best Workers is a turnkey workforce solutions firm specialized in the the hiring of foreign workers for contract-to-hire positions within the skilled labor industry. Our simplified process makes hiring seasonal migrant workers more accessible and reliable. We provide clients with industry specific expertise that traditional staffing agencies and headhunters do not have.

Our firm helps American and Canadian companies find qualified candidates by recruiting, validating, and facilitating the hiring of foreign technicians, laborers, and craftsmen. A veteran team of consultants, doctors, and lawyers manage our team to ensure the highest standard of service is met! We offer solutions that cover all steps of the process, and our first class service along with thousands of pre-screened workers to choose from, makes hiring easy!


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By the year 2026

Demand for nearly every major skilled trade in the production, extraction, and construction sectors will be at an all time high.

A Growing Problem

Industrial industries are in need of knowledgeable, trained workers who are not only certified but have real experience. Skilled labor workers are in high demand- steady year over year growth has made it increasingly difficult for companies to find candidates. Every company we speak to feels that most of their new employees lack basic skill requirements, and their insufficient workerforces have led many of them to rely on overtime to meet demand.

Project managers, recruiters, and HR leads are seeking alternative solutions to these issues. We offer workers who are not only certified but have an average of 10 years work experience, and have been previously approved for H2B visas. We fill the gap between employers and qualified employees.

Seasonal workers available now!


The Process

If you have tried recruiting U.S. workers but have not been able to find qualified candidates for seasonal, temporary work, you may qualify for foreign workers!

Companies are looking at alternative methods to hire workers for vacant technical positions. Foreign craft workers are a growing need for a large part of the North American workforce. The current U.S. administration just made an additional 30,000 H2B visas available for seasonal employment. We help first time hirers apply correctly, and already approved employers by supplying workers. We have one of the largest collections of ready to hire foreign workers in the region. Our professionals have previously been approved for H2B visas, and have experience as contract laborers. We have resources for all degrees of the foreign hiring process. Start your inquiry below to get help in your hiring journey.

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After we receive your submission, one of our consultants will review your information and schedule a call to further discuss your project, requirements, and answer any questions you may have.

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After discussing the criteria of your request, we will put together a proposal with detailed pricing and services. Not satisfied? We'll work with you until it's perfect!


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